0437  EVA

0450 EVA

0452 EVA


1942 EVA

232 EVA

236 EVA


CoolMelt EVA

D0420 EVA

D0430 EVA

SuperPac EVA

Quickpak EVA

WaxPac EVA

3630 Urethane

3631 Urethane

3632 Urethane

3650 Polyolefin

3651 Polyolefin

7460 Polyamide

7500 Polyamide

7809FR Polyamide

7811 Polyamide

7901 Polyamide



Hot Melt Adhesives are used with hand-held glue gun applicators and are available in a wide variety of widths and lengths.  They are manufactured in a broad range of strengths, flexibility, temperature resistance, colors and open times for production bonding, assembly and repair jobs.  These adhesives are ideal for applications that require high speed manufacturing, binding versatility, very large gap filling, fast green strength, and minimal shrinkage. 


Available Products:

Loctite Hysol® Hot Melt Adhesives

0437 EVA – sprayable EVA

0450 EVA – sprayable EVA for polystyrene or urethane foams

0452 EVA – EVA based hot melt adhesive

1X EVA – medium to fast setting EVA hot melt

1942 EVA – EVA based medium setting general-purpose hot melt

232 EVA – EVA based medium setting adhesive

236 EVA – clear, toughened, flexible EVA based adhesive

3X EVA – EVA hot melt used for porous substrates

CoolMelt EVA – flexible EVA material for low temperatures

D0420 EVA – EVA based material formulated for spray applications

D0430 EVA – sprayable EVA blend

SuperPac EVA – EVA based hot melt with an open time of 30 seconds

Quickpak EVA – fast setting EVA material

WaxPac EVA – medium setting flexible EVA based material

3630 Urethane – urethane hot melt for versatile bonding applications

3631 Urethane – toughened, high strength adhesive for plastics

3632 Urethane – high-strength, impact-resistant adhesive

3650 Polyolefin – general-purpose polyolefin hot melt

3651 Polyolefin – polyolefin hot melt for plastic bonding

7460 Polyamide – sprayable polyamide with fast set time

7500 Polyamide – spraypac polyamide formulated for long open time

7809FR Polyamide – polyamide modified with fire retardant materials

7811 Polyamide – high performance polyamide hot melt

7901 Polyamide – low viscosity polyamide hot melt