The Dymax® Light-Welder PC-3 Ultra is a higher intensity UV/visible light curing lamp used for pinpoint curing of UV adhesives, coatings and potting materials.  Light is generated by the lamp in the housing and transmitted through a flexible liquid lightguide that emits a 5 mm diameter spot of UV/visible light for precise curing.  The lightguide can be hand-held for complete mobility or clamped into position on assembly equipment or work stations for repetitive operations.  The PC-3 Ultra is ideal for wire tacking, coil terminating, shallow potting and disk drive applications for the electronics, aerospace and medical device assembly industries.  The lamp is user friendly, east to operate and cost effective.

The PC-3 Ultra consists of a housing containing a 50 Watt, solid-state power supply, power-on light, lamp/reflector assembly, cooling fan, lightguide mount, solid state hour meter, internal filter for maximum lightguide life, detachable foot switch, safety switch, programmable timer with LED display and electric shutter.  Electric shutters are supplied with timed and manual shutter operating modes.  The lightguide is separate and plugs into the mount.  Light is not emitted from the unit when the lightguide is removed.  The lamp/reflector assembly is pre-focused for optimum output.  Lamps are rated at 500 hours of life.